Fabrizio Pintus was born and raised in a small town near Milano, in the Northern part of Italy. His kitchen adventures started at the early age of 5 learning from his grandfather, a passionate cook. He discovered his passion for fresh, healthy and authentic Italian cuisine.


Upon graduating from the Culinary Institute in Parabiago, Italy, Pintus travelled through Italy refining his skills and finding his strengths in cooking techniques from traditional cuisine. Over the years, he playfully experimented with contemporary plating and innovative approaches so to leave his fingerprint on his menu creations. He credits his continued evolution as a chef to traveling and humbling taking internships with Michelin starred chefs whenever the opportunity arose.


“Traveling and learning are the means to achieve a better version of yourself,” explains Chef Pintus. “Creating a new menu is an art. It should be filled with inspiration. It should be relevant and evoke emotions.”


TiramesU’s new menu is the culmination of his passion, superior training and originality specific to Italian cuisine.


Valeria Longoni, a Milan, Italy, native has been in the Miami hospitality industry for over 15 years. She studied Economy and Business at the University of Milan and worked in a world renowned restaurant in Sardinia.


Longoni joined the industry originally as a mean to make a living and ended up finding her passion. She climbed the ranks always proving to excel in providing extraordinary experiences to her customers and an asset in the daily operations. Over the last 6 years she has successfully managed restaurants of 35 to 120 seats in Miami’s most desirable neighborhoods with yearly sales as high as $4 million.


She was approached to become co-owner and the managing partner of TiramesU in 2014 when plans were forming to re-open in the South of Fifth neighborhood. The concept and connection to her native culture made the decision an easy one.