We Italians love our spices: oregano, rosemary, basil, thyme, almost just as much as we love our pasta and cheeses. That’s why Miami Spice really hits home with Chef Fabrizio Pintus! So we decide to ask him to share his thoughts on the menus he created for this August and September:


Q: What was the most important aspect when putting together the Miami Spice menus:


A: Fresh, light and memorable flavors and combinations. The Indivia e Mango salad marries two of Florida summer favorite sweets and the slightly bitter European staples. The mango is creamy yet light while the orange is citric and awakens the taste buds. The endive and frisee salads add crunch and, in my opinion, a happy “Hello!” from across the Atlantic. I love this dish.


Q: What do you want your guests to expect when they order from the Miami Spice menu:


A: Well, we put a lot of thought, had many tastings and went through numerous dishes before picking the finalists. So guests should keep an open mind about the different flavors that wouldn’t necessarily be expected from a traditional Italian restaurant. Also: Miami Spice is an amazing deal!


Q: Will there be any signature dishes on the menu?


A: Absolutely! For lunch we have the Tagliatelle alla Bolognese and the Rigatoni alle Melanzane. The pastas are home made, we make them in the morning here in our kitchen. You can’t get more traditional than these two dishes. And they also happen to be my childhood favorites.


Q: Any last suggestions for Miami Spice diners?


A: Yes! Try our soups and our risottos! Most people automatically assume they are a boring choice but I promise whoever orders any of our soups or risottos will be so happy they did!


This August and September menus will continuously change with amazing seasonal ingredients taking center stage with supporting roles from pastas, meats, fish and risottos sharing the love.


Happy Miami Spice Season!


JULY 2016



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Everyone is always trying to find the next “off menu” item. Well, we’re keeping you in the loop: here are a couple spy photos at a secret tasting with Chef Fabrizio.So keep an eye out for new specials like these beauties: the bruschetta with heirloom tomatoes, white anchovies, mullet Bottarga or the Bucatini with Bresaola cured beef and arugula pesto!


JUNE 2016

Delicious Summer Dishes!

Chef Fabrizio Pintus focuses on light dishes for the summer including the Spaghetti Alle Vongole with fresh manila clams, ripe cherry tomatoes in a light white wine sauce, the Risotto Gamberi e Garciofi with delicious shrimps, baby artichokes and zucchini flowers and the Tartare di Tonno made with big Ahi tuna, avocado, read onions and served with a traditionally Italian bread “chip”, the Carasau bread.
Patrons will still find the delicious favorites like the Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese, the Burrata and many other more.
Although, we highly recommend asking for the specials!
Dinner menu shown here but lunch and lunch prix-fixe have also changed.



MAY 2016

We offering an a la carte ITALIAN menu and BOTTOMLESS mimosas.

Ok, the subject line is more suggestive than this content, but we got your attention, didn’t we?  

So here it is: from homemade ravioli with spring vegetables to the saffron risotto with shrimp and zucchini flowers, and the veal chop Milanese, Chef Fabrizio Pintus created something to please all mothers no matter her preferences, as long as she doesn’t mind amazing Italian cuisine. But then again, there are always the bottomless mimosas ($25) to save the day.

Full menu details are below but don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or to make your reservations at 305-532-4538.



APRIL 2016

So Much to Share

The month of April promises to very be exciting! Aside from the on-going Tuesday half-off bottles of wine, we’ll be hosting a one-of-kind delicious pairing dinner with Zenato wines. Chef Fabrizio Pintus created a perfect dish for each of the wines. Mark your calendar: Wednesday April 27th at 7:30pm, and don’t forget to make your reservations.
And March madness was right! We highlighted two March happenings below but we MUST mention our participation in this year’s amazing Hearts & Stars Gala. It was held at The Deck on Watson Island. What a venue! What an occasion! The Little Lighthouse Foundation brought together dedicated supporters for an exquisite evening of food and libations.
We also had some succulent daily specials worth noting such as the Shrimp Squid Ink Tagliatelle (the black homemade tagliatelle is absolutely stunning) and the Tartare di Salmone with apples, cucumbers and sour cream, which actually found residency in the dinner menu – pictures up top.



MARCH 2016


After TiramesU closed its doors on Lincoln Road in 2014, Chef Fabrizio took the opportunity to travel and get into “the trenches” of some of the best and most popular kitchens in the Italian Lombardy region.

First stop: Devero Hotel in Cavenago di Brianza, Italy, near Milan. The luxury hotel is home to Michelin starred chef Enrico Bartolini who runs Il Devero Restaurant, Il Dodici24 Quick Restaurant and Il Lounge Bar where he “reinterprets traditional dishes with the sort of stunning creativity that wins over the most discerning of palates.” Chef Pintus joined the team for three weeks as a stagiario which required him to be dependable, flexible, and extremely precise in his execution, an experience he describes as “an honor and an amazing opportunity to learn from an inspiring colleague.”

“The best take-away from Devero was the exposure to “eye” techniques, preparation, mise-en-place and critical attention to detail, from selecting the ingredients at the market to plating,” he explains. Chef Pintus also describes Chef Bartolini’s drive to innovate as an inspiration for his own creative process.

In July 2014 Chef Pintus then joined the Pasticceria Asperti team where he immersed himself in the art of making pastries. With a production shop and two retail locations near and in the town of Legnano, Asperti is one of the most revered pastry-making establishments in Italy. He assisted as needed in the chocolate room where the coveted treat is made from scratch, the bakery where all cakes and other pastries are created as well as in the stores to continue learning about specialty display techniques and customer interaction. Chef Pintus worked hand-in-hand with the two owners (brothers) and was able to participate in every aspect of the business and bakery process. He says: “It might not make sense to have pastries on the new TiramesU menu but some of the techniques at Asperti will definitely help me in continue to get creative with the desserts.”

The rest of his stay was less structured but Chef Pintus spent time with friends in the industry. One, a gelato-maker and another, the owner of a popular Italian tapas spot near Milan. The tapas place, he says, had practically no kitchen, just a microwave and a “plancha,” which was not a secret by any means. But it was still a locals’ favorite for not only the simple but tasty tapas but also for the more than 300 home-infused gins. “TiramesU’s new full bar will have its own independent leadership but I feel that having the knowledge makes me a better Chef to pair the bar menu with some of the flavors of the cocktails and also a better partner in making these decisions together with the mixology team.”

About TiramesU

TiramesU opened its doors to customers in 1988 on the corner of Ocean Drive and 5th Avenue. It experienced early success and in 1997 was relocated to 721 Lincoln Road. It is owned and managed by Graspa Group, headed by Graziano Sbroggio, which counts Spris, Segafredo, Salumeria 104, Spris Artisan Pizza Downtown and Spris Artisan Pizza Midtown. For more information, please visit





Not literally, but in your drink. Let us explain…

Earlier last century, international naval authorities had to intervene and figure out how to keep the peace when Italy and Mexico realized they had confusingly similar flags, three vertical stripes, first green, then white then red. Maybe an innocent “flug” of war ensued but all ended well and no actual war broke out.

TiramesU playfully incorporated this piece of history into its cocktail menu. The bartender might just have to be the peacekeeper in our story. With a sweet and tart drink made with tequila (Mexican), agave, lime, cocchi Americano (Italian), orange bitters, salt and coffee rim, the “Fighting for the Flag” cocktail stirs up a fun fact filled discussion with a twist of healthy patriotic competition.

Either way, it’ll be fun since our bar will stay open until 2am every day of the week! Come visit us as so as we open and try our full cocktail list.